The Fredericksburg Community Orchestra is a non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of string education in the Hill Country. Based in Fredericksburg, TX, the FCO offers opportunities for both performers and spectators of all ages. The FCO has been organizing since late 2010, and is largely under the direction Theresa Britt.

Currently, the main activity is the general open ensemble, an orchestra which consists of community members ranging in age from 12-75. Most of these musicians are amateur cellists, violists, and violinists. Some have been playing for as little as half a year, others have been playing for many decades. Many of these musicians play in other ensembles, but for some this ensemble is their primary musical outlet. What brings them all together is a love of playing music.

The FCO is organizing a number of other projects ranging from a Summer String institute that will bring students and teachers from around the state to Fredericksburg to engage in teaching and learning music.

Additionally, we would like to present scholarships to young musicians to help them study music locally and around the country. One of the goals of the FCO is to help students from the US travel to music camps around the world in order to develop both as musicians and as people.

Finally, the FCO is oriented towards developing the local string music culture. Without a public-school based string programs, the Fredericksburg area is sorely missing both musicians and opportunities for musicians. Ultimately, the FCO plans to form smaller, ad hoc ensembles to showcase the talents of individual members and help them become better musicians by finding places for these musicians to perform.

Of course, the FCO is still in its formative moments. Currently, the group consists of its board of directors and Ms. Britt, alongside the member musicians of the general ensemble. The main activity of FCO is bi-weekly practice and occasional performance.

History of Our Organizations

In the Fall of 2010, many community members began discussing the need for a string ensemble in the Fredericksburg area. The Pioneer Historical Museum hosted the first season of rehearsals and events of the orchestra. In December of 2010, approximately 20 string players joined together to play in the carol orchestra.

The Fredericksburg Community Orchestra premiered at the Van Der Stucken Festival in 2011. The programĀ  including the Brandenburg Concerto No. 3 by Bach and Themes from the Moldau by Smetana. A chamber ensemble also performed an arrangement of a Einer Kleiner Walzer by Fredericksburg born composer, Frank Van Der Stucken.

For the 2011-2012 season, St. Barnabas Episcopal Church in Fredericksburg will host rehearsals.

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